Hepburn Wildlife Shelter Wildline: 0500 540 000 Banner

For injured and orphaned wildlife please call the 24 Hour Wildlife Emergency Number on:
13 000 WILDLIFE or 13 000 94535

Mobile Intensive Care Response Unit For Wildlife (MICRUW)

Every day we speak to wildlife carers and rescuers that need diagnostic and critical care assistance for wildlife. Intensive care for wildlife is not hooking animals up to heart monitors and pumping them full of drugs. It is being able to take an x-ray of a swollen foot of an 80kg kangaroo that has just been darted. That x-ray image can be immediately transferred to a vet or other expert that can say if the foot is broken, infected or otherwise. The rescuer can make an immediate decision on what course of action is best for the kangaroo. It means that an 80kg kangaroo does not have to be pumped with sedatives in order to be transferred to a suitable vet who is often over 45mins away and who may or may not be available to take an xray. It may mean that an 80kg kangaroo is not unnecessarily euthanased or that a shelter receives it into care without knowing what they are facing.