Hepburn Wildlife Shelter Wildline: 0500 540 000 Banner

For injured and orphaned wildlife please call the 24 Hour Wildlife Emergency Number on:
13 000 WILDLIFE or 13 000 94535

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The Hepburn Wildlife Shelter is a 24–hour, self-funded volunteer wildlife rescue and treatment centre, established to assist and care for injured, orphaned, sick and distressed wildlife in and around the forested Shire of Hepburn in central Victoria to the north west of Melbourne. The shelter is an incorporated non-profit association run by the founders Gayle Chappell and Jon Rowdon from their home just outside Daylesford in the Wombat Forest.

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Jon and Gayle are busily preparing a bunker in the lead up to the fire season. The bunker will be big enough to fit over 70 animals, themselves and volunteer workers in the event that a bushfire does come near their property this summer.

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